Loginware’s Energy Management Software


FeatherWatt is a specialized Energy Management Software designed specifically for Manufacturing Industries. It provides manufacturers with a comprehensive solution to monitor, analyze, and optimize their energy consumption and related processes. With powerful features and advanced insights, FeatherWatt enables manufacturers to track energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and implement strategies for energy conservation and cost reduction.

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Energy Monitoring. Simplified

Real-time Energy Monitoring

FeatherWatt offers real-time monitoring of energy consumption across manufacturing facilities. It collects data from smart meters, sensors, and other energy monitoring devices to provide accurate and up-to-date information on energy usage patterns

Energy Efficiency Benchmarking

FeatherWatt facilitates benchmarking of energy performance against industry standards and best practices. Manufacturers can compare their energy consumption metrics with similar facilities, identifying opportunities for improvement and setting realistic energy reduction goals.

Energy Demand Management

FeatherWatt enables manufacturers to monitor and manage their energy demand, avoiding peak demand charges and optimizing energy usage during high-cost periods. The software provides insights into load profiles, demand patterns, and offers strategies for load shifting and load balancing.