Loginware’s Gauge Management Software


FeatherGuage is an innovative Gauge Management Software developed by Loginware specifically designed to cater to the needs of manufacturing industries. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring gauges used in production processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

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Calibrate. Maintain. Notify.

Gauge Calibration

FeatherGauge simplifies the process of gauge calibration by providing a user-friendly interface to input calibration data, track calibration history, and generate calibration certificates. It ensures that gauges are accurately calibrated according to industry standards, minimizing measurement errors and maintaining product quality.

Maintenance Scheduling

The software includes a built-in scheduler that allows manufacturers to plan and schedule routine maintenance activities for their gauges. By automating maintenance reminders and tasks, FeatherGuage helps prevent gauge failures and breakdowns, reducing production downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

Notification Alerts

FeatherGauge sends proactive alerts and notifications for upcoming calibration or maintenance tasks. These reminders ensure that gauges are serviced in a timely manner, preventing the use of faulty or out-of-specification instruments.